How To Generate A Sustainable Income Stream With This Big Shift In Geographic Farming

Step-by-step blueprint for ANY real estate agent to easily matter you experience!
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Professional Testimonials on Geographic Farming

" Real estate farming is an effective means of developing a consistent source of seller and buyer leads, and the best part about farming is that your rate of return on your investment improves over time as your messaging gets sharper, as more people recognize you, and as your sales stats in the neighborhood improve."

— Chris Linsell, The Close

" Geographic Farming is the most powerful way to grow and maintain a successful real estate business. It allows you to establish your brand and centralize your listings and sales in one geographic area."

— Kay Fairchild with Tom Ferry Coaching

What’s Included
Exclusive Content
Once you purchase the course, you'll get access to ALL of the exclusive content, toolbox, and video tutorials to help you succeed.
Video Tutorials
All the video training needed to help build your skills and demo the tools for your farming domination.  The step-by-step videos will take you by the hand.
Amazing Tools
A customized tool kit to get you up and running today. No need to look all over the net. Everything you need is waiting for you inside the members area.
Bonus Content
Helpful videos showing bonus content to make not only your farming campaign more powerful but also your overall business.
Dedicated Support
Access to email support Monday - Friday when needed. David Nelson will gladly assist with questions that may arise during the training.
A Done-for-You Web Page
We built you a highly customizable web page to get you started today on your farming area site. No technical experience necessary!

How To Generate A Sustainable Income Stream With This Big Shift In Geographic Farming

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Here's a Taste of the Downloadable Tools Included
Farming Analyzer
A calculator to assist you in finding the perfect farm area based on data...and from just guessing.
Customizable Website
Easily edit this template to create your own dedicated geo farm website to generate leads and traffic.
Listing Landing Pages
Show off your listings on this editable listing landing page.  Your sellers and residents will LOVE this!
Letter Templates
Use my proven letter templates for your marketing campaign from introducing yourself to highlighting the listings in your farm.
Links to Sources
You will get lists of valuable links that will enhance your farming skills while offering up additional tools for your kit.
Marketing Plan
You will NEED a marketing plan to create a successful farming area.  We not only give you one to customize but show you how to do it.
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Will I get all of the featured items you discuss in the videos?

YES!  Everything that I show you how to use in your geo farming campaign, you will gain access to them.

Will I only have access to online course for a limited time?

No.  You will have access to these videos, downloads, and such as long as you have your login information.  Make sure you save your login information and download all of the items for your own use...forever!

Is this class being presented "live" so I need to attend at set times?

No.  Everything is pre-recorded so you can watch at your own pace.  Go as fast or as slow as you want. Plus, you can pause and rewatch each video as often as you like.

Do I have to be good with technology to use this course?

As long as you know how to watch videos on your computer, you will be able to capitalize on this online course.  I have step-by-step videos to hold your hand as needed.

Should I have been in the industry a while before talking this course?

NO! This course is designed to help new agents succeed as well as experienced agents that have always wanted to excel with geographic farming (or even those that are struggling with their current farming campaign).

After I pay for the course, will there be any other secret charges or "upsells"?

No.  Once you pay for the course, you have access to everything on day one!  No extra charges or the typical sales pitches.  If you choose to use some of the discussed 3rd party systems for your farming campaign, that company may or may not have a fee.

Is the course instructor, David Nelson, a licensed real estate agent?

Heck yeah I am!  I am licensed in the State of Minnesota. I've been licensed over a decade while using geo farming as a main source of revenue. I also run a team and help mentor other agents.

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